Visiting Hours

Visiting Hours

The following visitation policy will take effect, Wednesday June 1, 2022.

Only adult visitors will be permitted (18 years of age and above) during the hours of 8:00 am and 8:00 pm for non-COVID patients. All Inpatient Visitors must register and receive a visitor pass in the Main Lobby Entrance.

Visitors are welcome to visit as follows:

• Inpatient: One visitor at a time

• Inpatient/Outpatient Surgery & Invasive Procedures:  During the hours of 6:00 am and 6:00 pm One visitor may stay in the designated waiting area until procedure/surgery is complete. Following procedure/surgery, the inpatient policy will apply if the patient is admitted. If procedure/surgery ends later than 6 PM, the visitor will be permitted to stay until it is complete. Then, he/she will be asked to return when visitation hours opens the next day.

• Emergency Room: One visitor depending on condition of patient.  If the patient is admitted, the inpatient visitation policy will apply

• Maternal Services: Up to 2 visitors at a time. This may include a spouse/partner or a person designated by the patient.

• Mental Health: One visitor at a time from 6p-8p

• Hospice/end-of-life: One visitor will be permitted at a time

• COVID-19 Positive Patients:  North Shore is committed to a safe and healing environment. Exceptions can be made to the visitor policy based on patient’s condition and end of life needs with approval from administration.


Visitors must commit to:         

1. Follow all hospital infection control policies:

2. Sanitize hand on arrival, before entering the patient’s room and upon leaving the patient’s room

3. Wear a hospital approved mask at all times covering nose and mouth

4. Avoid touching items in the patient’s room/bathroom

5. Only visit the patient room; do not visit other areas of the hospital 

6. Leave promptly at the end of visiting hours