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North Shore Medical Center has been delivering babies for over 60 years, giving patients access to specialists and some of the most modern technology, as well as a nurturing, attentive, family-centered environment.


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Miami, FL 33150


Maternity Services at North Shore Medical Center

Labor & Delivery

Patients have the choice of a Labor and Delivery Room (LDR), where you can labor, deliver, and recover in one place with a comfortable, home-like setting. Private and upgraded rooms are also available, including our Signature Birthplace Suites. These upgraded suites are designed for those who prefer care in a spacious, luxuriously furnished suite with the amenities of a modern hotel. No matter what you choose, as a new mom you will feel comfortable and pampered.

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Postpartum Support

We offer Bedside Newborn Transition to enhance bonding with your baby. The process makes the most of the period in which your baby is adapting to his or her new world. We also encourage 24-hour rooming-in, where you can be with your new baby whenever you want and for as long as you want. If you are breastfeeding, we will provide special guidance from a lactation consultant to ensure your baby gets all the nourishment he or she needs.  


We specialize in maternity care for routine and high-risk pregnancies. Our goal is to give our patients the best pregnancy experience possible and to provide them with peace of mind through our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Babies born at less than 35 weeks gestation—as well as critically ill newborns of any gestational age and birth weight—are cared for in the NICU, including:

  • A specialized team to care for your baby
  • Prompt and easy access to a full range of pediatric medical subspecialties, as well as our experienced, specially trained team for respiratory support and specialty care:
    • Neonatologists, pediatric doctors who specialize in caring for the smallest and sickest premature infants
    • Registered nurses experienced in neonatal intensive care
    • Respiratory therapists to help babies whose lungs may not be fully developed
    • Social workers who specialize in supporting you and your babies needs during their NICU stay and transition home
    • Lactation consultant who will provide breastfeeding support and guidance to help even the most premature babies receive mother’s breast milk

North Shore Medical Center is a Five-Star Recipient for Maternity Care from Healthgrades.